Break-Up NightmareThriller, Drama2016
Dead 7Horror, Action, Creature, Western, Science Fiction2016
Elvis Lives!Thriller, Drama2016
Evil NannyThriller, Drama2016
Fast and The Fierce, TheAction, Disaster2017
Ice SharksScience Fiction, Action, Creature2016
If Looks Could KillThriller, Drama2016
In the Name of Ben-HurAction, Adventure2016
Independents' DayScience Fiction, Action, Creature2016
Izzie's Way HomeFamily, Animation/Anime/Etc, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-122016
Jurassic SchoolFamily, Children 6-12, Children 4-8, Children - Preschool2017
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableAction, Adventure, Fantasy2017
Nightmare WeddingThriller, Drama2016
Oceans RisingDisaster, Science Fiction, Action2017
Other Wife, TheThriller, Drama2016
Planet of the SharksScience Fiction, Action, Creature2016
Sharknado: The 4th AwakensAction, Creature, Disaster2016
Sinbad and the War of the FuriesAdventure, Creature, Action, Fantasy2016
Sinister SquadAction, Fantasy2016
TrollandFamily, Animation/Anime/Etc, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-122016
ZoombiesHorror, Action, Creature2016
5-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Science Fiction, Action2017
Alien ConvergenceScience Fiction, Creature, Action2017
CarGOAnimation/Anime/Etc, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-12, Family2017
Dream House NightmareThriller, Drama2017
Empire of the SharksCreature, Action, Science Fiction2017
Forgotten EvilThriller2017
Geo-DisasterDisaster, Science Fiction, Action2017
Locked UpThriller, Drama2017
Mercenaries 2Action, Adventure2017
Operation DunkirkWar, Action2017
Sharknado 5Creature, Science Fiction, Disaster, Action2017
Sinister MinisterThriller2017
Troy: The OdysseyFantasy, Adventure, Action, Creature2017
#1 Cheerleader CampComedy2010
100 Below ZeroAction, Disaster, Science Fiction2013
100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard SpeckHorror2012
100 Million BCScience Fiction, Action, Creature2008
18 Year Old VirginComedy2009
200 MPHAction2011
2010: Moby DickCreature, Action2010
2012: DoomsdayDisaster, Action, Science Fiction2008
2012: Ice AgeAction, Disaster2011
2012: SupernovaScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2009
2-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Action2012
3 MusketeersAction2011
30,000 Leagues Under the SeaScience Fiction, Action, Creature2007
3-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Action, Science Fiction2015
40 Days and NightsAction, Disaster2012
500 MPH StormAction, Disaster2013
6 GunsWestern, Action2010
666: The BeastHorror2007
666: The ChildHorror2006
7 Adventures of Sinbad, TheAction, Adventure, Creature2010
8213: Gacy HouseHorror2010
9/11 Commission Report, TheDrama, Thriller, Action2006
Abraham Lincoln vs ZombiesAction, Creature2012
Adopting TerrorThriller2012
AE Apocalypse EarthAction, Science Fiction, Creature2013
Age of DinosaursAction, Science Fiction, Creature2013
Age of IceAction, Science Fiction, Disaster2014
Age of TomorrowScience Fiction, Action, Creature2014
Air CollisionAction, Disaster2012
Airline DisasterAction, Disaster2010
Airplane VS VolcanoScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2014
Alien AbductionHorror, Science Fiction, Creature2005
Alien ConvergenceScience Fiction, Creature, Action2017
Alien OriginCreature, Horror2012
Allan Quatermain and the Temple of SkullsAction, Adventure2008
Almighty ThorAction2011
Alone for ChristmasHoliday, Family2013

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